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Before adding me as a friend here are some rules:

~comment to be added
~must have common interests
~all comments are screened
~icons/fanart/fanfiction can be found here

At this point I'm going to open my journal up to the public. Not fully of course as the posts I've made before that are locked are going to remain locked. I'm too lazy to unlock any that could be shown to the public. Everything personal of course is going to remain locked but everything else random shit/fandoms/etc shall be public. That is unless I feel like being an asshole and locking it. XD; Hey, it could happen! :P
Up ~ hi my name is Dug

Oh... so I DO remember my password for LJ

So it seems I do remember my password for my LJ. It only took me two tries. I'm still wondering why I'm here and even posting this in the first place when I don't really use my LJ anymore. I guess I just felt like a change or something. Or maybe it's because I'm too damn lazy to get out of bed unless it's to go to the bathroom.

Yeah, there is no point to this post at all really. Since I'm keeping this public I don't have much to say. Ummm.... Yeah. Keep on keepin' on? I don't know. T_T I think I might just let my LJ die. I don't really want to delete it so I'll just let it float around in cyberspace. Who knows I might feel like posting in it again sometime. Maybe...

Oh and if people feel like spamming this post up GO FOR IT!
FMA ~ oh gawd oh gawd

Note to self

Just because your laptop can dish out a higher resolution on an external monitor doesn't mean you should set all monitors to that resolution. Not if you don't want glasses anytime soon from trying to read super tiny font.
Ranma ~ Shampoo lookin' pretty

RP account name up for grabs

Very old Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler) RPing account that was hardly used.

I'm giving this account/name to anyone who wants it and will use it. It's first come first serve. I didn't see any reason this name should go to waste and instead of deleting it and letting the name get purged I thought I'd give my f-list and anyone who happens to see this dibs on the name.
FMA ~ oh gawd oh gawd

water go down da HOLE

Hi! Yeah, I'm just making a random entry here right now to see if I do have this connected or not. Just in case any of my f-list is wondering no I don't have cross posting on for my comments. Really I don't see the need to cross post comments onto facebook and twitter in the first place. Heh, anyway since everyone on my facebook and twitter can see this... HI!!! *waves*

Now have a random kitty...

IY ~ om nom nom

Voice Post (on helium)

205K 1:05
“we're no strangers to love
you know the rules and so do i

yes f-list you just got rick rolled with helium

we represent the lollipop guild
the lollipop guild, the lollipop guild
we represent the lollipop guuuuuild
and i'm ever so very high

ah this is what happens when someone brings helium up here
ok got one more got one more

piece out everybody
ooooh that was a good one wasn't it?
*laughes* ah i love my f-list every so muuuuch
ooooh i am gonna pass out”

Transcribed by: mancheck

Note: I was about to pass out after recording this. I could feel the room spinning and everything got darker.