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Lost in a Dream

I don't know where I'm going

29 October 1985
acting, adventures pete and pete, afraid of the dark, alex mack, all dogs, all that, animals, animation, anime, art, audrey ii/seymour, back to the future, bill nye, bill nye science guy, bleach, boy meets world, case closed, cats, clarissa explains it all, code geass, dance dance revolution, darkwing duck, ddr, detective conan, disney, dogs, doug, dragons, drawing, ducktales, ed/winry, edwin, elfen lied, film making, films, fox and the hound, free willy, fresh prince bel-air, friends, fruits basket, fullmetal alchemist, goof troop, gummi bears, guy love, hayao miyazaki, hey dude, i love lucy, inspector gadget, inukami, inuyasha, inuyasha/kikyou, japan, japanese, japanese culture, japanese language, jpop, jrock, kenan and kel, kingdom hearts, kouga/kagome, lady and the tramp, lady gaga, lelouch/rolo, manga, mercy me, mixed breed, moon phase, movies, music, musicals, mutts, nickelback, okinawa, orcas, ouran host club, persona 3, pirates of the caribbean, pixar, ranma ½, ranma/akane, rent, rescue rangers, risembool rangers, rocko's modern life, romeo x juliet, roy/riza, royai, rugrats, salute your shorts, scooby doo, scrubs, shounen onmyouji, simple plan, spiral, spirit stallion, spirited away, stories, studio ghibli, switchfoot, tale spin, terrier, terrier mix, the angry beavers, the chronicles of narnia, the lion king, the princess bride, theater, tiny toons, trinity blood, turk/jd, unicorns, utawarerumono, vampire knight, vampires, webcomics, wolf's rain, xxxholic, zero no tsukaima